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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Welcome to Accipiter Communications

Newsletter Services for Small Businesses and 


Thank you for visiting Accipiter Communications, a veteran-owned Washington, D.C.-area firm that offers the finest in newsletter services.

At Accipiter, we specialize in electronic newsletters for small businesses, associations and other organizations. Whether you want a daily review of news that is important to your industry and your bottom line, a weekly round-up of trends and company or association events or a monthly publication to keep your employees, customers or members informed of your activities and achievements, we'll research, write and deliver a product that will make you look good.

What makes Accipiter unique?
  • Quality: Sharp, accurate writing in an easy-to-read format with links to sources and documents. We triple-check (at a minimum) everything to make sure the writing is clean, the links work and the small business or association whose name is at the top of the newsletter makes a great impression on readers.
  • Experience: We've written newsletters for more than a decade. We know how to target our writing to a given audience and provide them with information that is not only interesting, but is also useful. We won't just tell them the news; we'll explain why it's important and what your organization is doing about it.
  • Turnkey Package: Just let us know what you want, and from that point on, you can rest assured that everybody on your email list will regularly see your name atop a high-quality newsletter.
Plus, as a Washington, D.C.-area company, we can offer insight into the legislative and regulatory process. Think of what advantages bill and regulation tracking could provide your organization.

A newsletter can be a valuable tool for any small business or association, if it's done well. At Accipiter Communications, we guarantee that we'll produce your newsletter well so you can focus your time and effort on your organization's core areas.

Try us and you'll see that, at Accipiter Communications, we provide newsletter services with a hawk's eye for detail.

Would you like to know more about what Accipiter Communications can do for you? Contact us using the form below. You can also email us at

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